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How to send in a news story.

Send your news to our DMs any time throughout the week or send an @ with your news when news is requested. (@’s during the week will not be gone through)

Please follow the do’s and don’ts below when submitting your news.


- Always include the usernames of all people involved.

- State the news story in the way you would like it to be sent.

- Send us information about engagements, weddings, births and adoptions.

- Send us details of important things that happened in your storyline in a way that we can explain it to people who know nothing about you. 

-Please try to limit a news story to the confines of Twitter’s 140 allowable characters. Having to break up a new story over multiple tweets looses effectiveness. 

- Feel free to send DMs through out the week and not just on Saturdays when news is requested. 

- Only send @’s on Saturday when news is requested. @’s during the week may be missed.


- Don’t assume I know anything about you or your storyline, even if you are canon. 

- Don’t send in information about hook-ups, newly dating or break-ups. We do not announce those. 

- Don’t send stories that include rape or incest. 

- Don’t send multiple DMs with the same story or checking to see if your story will be posted. You will probably be ignored. 

- Don’t send your story both to DMs and to @’s. One place is enough. 

- Don’t send pimp requests/shout out requests. This is the news, not a pimp account. If you need a pimp, talk to @Single_n_Looken, @YourKingPimp, @PimpinAmy, @MrMateFinder, @ThePimpetteSays, @PrickedThorn or any of the other wonderful pimps out there.

- Don’t get angry if your news story is not posted. It’s possible it was accidentally missed. However, I have the ultimate final decision on whether or not a story is posted, if I find it personally offensive or if it looks like it will cause drama, you will be ignored.

Example 1: 

Bad submission: I got engaged. 

Bad submission: Kat and Damen got engaged.

Good submission: @Person1 and @Person2 are engaged. 

Awesome submission: Congratulations to @Person1 and Person2 who got engaged on top of a toothpick on Wednesday.

Example 2:

Bad submission: Some stuff happened in our SL, it was crazy. 

Bad submission: Seth ate a cricket and threw up a rainbow. 

Good submission: @Person1 killed a bunch of people. 

Awesome submission: Officials report an accidental fire at the The Dive Bar. @EvilPerson1 was spotted at the scene. Do not approach.

In our top story, this happened. 








This guy made a painting in less than 90  seconds.

Sweet holy crapp he just fooled everyone

Holy crap, that is not at all what I was expecting.

at first i was


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worth every second


wow, this guy..

Meanwhile in the RP universe…

Meanwhile in the RP universe…

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AccessRP Latest

Casper here,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that as of last night, Anderson @AccessRP has succeeded in getting the suspension on his twitter account lifted and is back once again to bring you the latest news updates from the RP community on twitter.

Thanks to all our followers for their patience while Anderson was away, and welcome back Anderson



Casper here,

So, as I mentioned before Anderson (my boss) has been suspended from twitter, leaving me to hold the fort until the issue has been straightened out.

I have heard from Anderson and he has told me that he is doing everything he can to get his account reinstated. The reason for his suspension is unclear but we believe it could be due to his following too many people at once.

He has assured me that he is aiming to be back in business by this Sunday, or not too long after.

In the meantime I will continue to watch for major stories, as well as bringing you stories from the field, which I will report as breaking news on twitter and here on tumblr until Anderson returns.

On behalf of AccessRP I once again thank you for your patience while we try to get this issue resolved. Please watch this page for further updates as well as news stories from the RP field.



Casper here,

Those of you who follow AccessRP on twitter will know what’s happened, so this is for all those on Tumblr who follow our stories.

Unfortunately Anderson has been suspended on twitter, which means that I’m currently working alone to look for stories to report on, for the foreseeable future.

I have sent Anderson an ask here on tumblr and hope to hear soon what will become of AccessRP. With any luck he will get things straightened out and be back in action before long. In the mean time I will do my best to continue to bring you stories and reports from the RP world.

On behalf of everyone at AccessRP I apologize for the interrupted viewing, and hope that things will be back to normal soon.

Thank you for your patience.


Sep 8



Full story #WickedDisney (http://wickeddisney.weebly.com/) conducted by @Casper_AccessRP

I spoke to , head of the family which seems to be growing in popularity, and he told me a little about . It’s a family where all the Disney characters we know and love are human with very twisted and dark personalities.

For example Snow White () is in a relationship triangle with Sleepy and the Prince () and Minnie () isn’t as sweet and innocent as her animated rodent counterpart.

They deal with themes and stories that are more real than the rainbows and sunshine of Disney. says the best way to explain is to look over his family list and see how they bring the stories to life. As far as those stories are concerned tells me that the SLs at will be just as dark and twisted as the characters. Nothing is off limits in this group.

has a few SLs in the works that will leave everyone wanting more, involving - as put it - sex, drugs and kidnapping. The only thing missing is some of the key roles, which need filling.

And it’s very easy to join and fill roles at . They have just one rule for their members and that is to respect each other. To join, just @/DM with the role you’d like.

With it’s growing popularity it is this reporter’s opinion that  is one to watch.

Class Favorites 2012

Funniest - 

Sexiest -   

Biggest Flirt - 

Most Talkative - 

Most Unpredictable -  and

Most Loveable - 

Toughest - 

Best Avi - 

Cutest Couple -  and

Best Family -  


#FantasyRebellion (http://fantasysrebellionrp.weebly.com/) - Full Story with @Casper_AccessRP.

@PanemsMadHatter, along with Portia (@StylistOnFire) created #FantasysRebellionRP because they were tired of constantly seeing “Twilight’s better than Harry Potter” or “I hate Harry Potter” on their timelines, and wanted to unite thoe two fandoms along with The Hunger Games into one family, with their own storylines, and make them original. The rebellious aspect of #FRRP is just this. That the stories are all original, and don’t follow the canon of the fandoms.

Annie (@PanemsMadHatter) was kind enough to fill me in a little on the storyines they have planned for the three fandoms of the #FRRP. Of The Hunger Games, she had this to say. “In The Hunger Games, which I RP along with a few others in #FRRP, our stories start with the first Hunger Games story, where the main characters, Katniss (@AstutePursuant) and Peeta (@LoverBoyPeeta) go in to the arena to fight to the death with twenty-two others for the first time. But in our story, things aren’t exactly turning out the way they normally have in the past” A twist in the tale if ever I heard one, and @PanemsMadHatter confirmed this. “Whereas in the original Hunger Games storyline only tribute is supposed to come out of the arena alive, our storyline has a president whose heart may have gone just a little too cold when he ”brain washes” the game makers and sends him on an uncontrollable psychotic rage. So it’s possible that no-one will survive the Games.”

Whether this will be the case remains to be seen. But that’s just the Hunger Games storyline. What Annie told me about the Twilight storyline could have everyone watching with bated breath. ”In twilight, the Volturi are holding an anniversary ball, to celebrate their 2,000th year as the ruling body of the vampire community And they’ve invited the Cullens to come along to the ball. Being a new family we’re in need of the Volturi to really get this storyline going, but our Carlisle and Esme (@DecayingAntique and @CullenPureHeart) may be too blinded by the fact that if they don’t go, the Volturi could come back to Forks. Something they’d prefer to avoid. It’s possible that Nessie’s (@CullensDarling) and Bella’s (@ShieldedBelle) safety could be compromised by going, but we’ll have to wait and see”

And Harry Potter? “Everyone knows that there are ghosts that roam the school. The four houses each have ghosts of their own. But no-one seems to think about this as the school is rebuilt, and those that were taken during the revolution weren’t put to rest.” Repercussions are sure to transpire from this action, but Annie says no more on this matter and instead turns the focus of the interview to Harry. ”With this story, we’re really trying to focus on Harry (@_MyMothersEyes) and the fact that he’s getting his actual life together now. The life he never really got to live because he was so busy saving the world. And once again it’s thrown out of proportion. But he isn’t facing it alone this time. In the stories he had his friends but no-one truly knew what he went through with Voldemort.

In this SL we’re hoping Harry will truly come to trust his friends (@BrainyAllure, #Ron and @ExquisiteGinger, among others) because these ghosts, and the ”haunting” involves them too. Suffice it to say, not everyone [in the three fandoms] will have a happy ending.” There’s also a sub-plot to the main Hunger games Plot. “Along with our present SLs we also have a prequel SL for the Hunger Games. Finnick (@PanemsPlayBoy) and I are RPing what happened before Katniss and Peeta on our other accounts, @BeforeTheHatter and @BeforePlayboy, where we go through what happened in our games.”

Annie goes on to tell me that “The storylines are complex and will take the characters (and the players behind them) through a lot. But part of being a rebel [the name given to the #FRRP members] is not giving up in hard times, and I really want everyone to feel like they can really be a part of the family, give their ideas and just RP how they want.” I, for one, hope that works out for them. As I mentioned earlier the #FRRP are a new family and are looking for more people to join them. If anyone wishes to play a part in these SLs and any future SLs they can contact the co-owners @PanemsMadHatter and @StylistOnFire, who are also currently doubling as the admins for The Hunger games. there are also admins for Twilight and Harry Potter who can be contacted if the co-owners aren’t available. Twilight’s admins are Bella (@ShieldedBelle) and Nessie (@CullensDarling), and for Harry Potter it’s Hermione (@BrainyAllure) and Luna (@WitchonCrack).